Josephson Institute Board of Governors

Overseen by a distinguished volunteer board of governors, Josephson Institute energetically pursues its mission by collaborating with influential organizations and individuals in a variety of fields. More about the Institute »

Michael Josephson Founder:
Michael Josephson

Founder, Josephson Institute and CHARACTER COUNTS!
Scott Raecker Chairman and CEO:
Scott Raecker

Executive Director
Institute for Character Development
Robert Holmes Vice Chairman:
Robert Holmes, Jr.

Former Vice President, Ethics and Business Practices (Retired), Alabama Power
Vanita Banks
Counsel, Allstate Insurance Company
Roger Bolton Roger Bolton
President, Arthur W. Page Society
Mario A. Guerra Mario A. Guerra
Mayor, City of Downey, California
Thomas Martin Thomas R. Martin
Executive in Residence, Department of Communication, College of Charleston
Bill Nielsen Willard D. Nielsen
Corporate Vice President, Public Affairs (Retired), Johnson & Johnson
David Rosenberg David Rosenberg
Principal, Marsh Creek Corporate Services
Peggy Sparks Peggy F. Sparks
Former Assistant Superintendent (Retired), Birmingham City Schools; Founder, Sparks Consulting Inc.
Peggy Sparks Mark Tabit
Senior Vice President, Investments
Merrill Lynch
Jim Vidak Jim Vidak
Superintendent of Schools, Tulare County Department of Education