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Michael Josephson addresses public officials in Riverside, California

“Across the country, business and government leaders are brushing up on right and wrong by attending Josephson’s seminars to re-educate themselves about ethics.”
Time magazine

With targeted presentations, training, and consulting, Josephson Institute will address your organization’s specific needs and challenges.

The Institute’s experienced speakers and trainers have helped hundreds of organizations develop ethics initiatives that are meaningful, measurable, and sustainable.

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Here are some examples of programs the Institute can design for you:

The importance of ethics: An inspirational introduction

The importance of ethics is brought to life by our passionate speakers. This is the perfect way to build buy-in from the people in your organization who may not see the personal, professional, and societal value in ethics education. This forum can vary from 1-3 hours in length with no audience-size limits.
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Crisis management: Planning for a more ethical future

This half-day working session is designed for a small group of your organization’s leaders to develop an ethics program in response to an immediate crisis or long-term problem. If you have experienced a lawsuit, recall of an elected official, or company scandal, this session is essential. A small group of leaders will work with Institute staff to assess the state of the organization, develop strategies for repairing damage in the aftermath of a disruptive crisis, and determine strategies for strengthening the culture. Most of the work is completed through discussion. Pre-program interviews and research are required.

Ethical decision making: Risk management at its best

No one can simply read about ethics and become ethical. Ethics involves making decisions every day – in every context. This introductory program raises awareness about the importance of ethical decision making and provides an overview of how a well-defined and practiced value system can improve your organization. This forum can be used as a jumping off point for more extensive training. The number of participants is unlimited.

Creating an ethical work culture: A highly focused leadership training

This one-day training will be custom designed to equip leaders in your organization to address your most pressing issues, learn to manage risk, and create an ethical work culture. Pre-program interviews and research will be conducted. Class size is limited to 25 to allow for participation and exercises.

Train-the-trainer seminars

Through highly interactive individual and group exercises, this two-day program provides the skills for a select group in your organization to train others about ethical decision making and climate change. Utilizing universal values, we show you how to incorporate customizable tools to begin your own ethics initiative. To ensure the best learning environment, the two-day program is limited to 40 participants and includes pre- and post-training materials.

Ethical climate assessment

This anonymous survey will measure the alignment of actual behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes with stated organizational values. It will reveal areas of vulnerability in your organization and opportunities for improvement and risk management.

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