Gun Crazy

gun crazy

photo credit: cszar/Flickr

Last month in Memphis, Tennessee, a Little Leaguer’s father pulled a gun on the coach because his son wasn’t getting as many at-bats as the other kids. Somehow the coach disarmed the angry dad. The state’s Department of Safety has suspended his handgun permit.

That father is lucky to have gotten off so easy. A gunfight might have erupted if the coach in Memphis had been like the assistant coach of the Fruitport Soccer Club in Michigan. When a father confronted him about his yelling and swearing at his team of 8- to 10-year-olds, the coach drew a pistol and pointed it at the man. He’s been charged with felonious assault.

If you can’t go to the field without cursing at 8-year-olds and carrying a gun, it’s time to hang up that whistle. In fact, let’s all agree to leave our firearms, knives, and other deadly weapons at home when attending children’s sporting events. And let’s remember that youth sports exist to entertain, exercise, and educate our children. After all, not getting what one wants — whether it’s playing time, a league championship, or a son who’s the next Ken Griffey, Jr. — is a rite of passage on the way to well-adjusted adulthood.

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