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Principle Eleven: Bad fans

In late April, the freshman girls soccer team from Larkin High in Elgin, Illinois, played the girls from St. Charles East. A few St. Charles fans began heckling the Larkin girls before the game even started.

Crowd control

High school sports fans aren’t burning down the bleachers, but we seem to have taken a step in that direction. A recent story in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune shows just how out of control fans can get, even in the Heartland.

Dear Fans

In a September email sent to the entire FSU student body, Florida State quarterback Christian Ponder asked for classy behavior. Ponder wrote, “I know you probably hear from your parents like I do from mine about how Seminole fans in the past had a well earned reputation for treating the visiting teams and more importantly their fans with respect and sportsmanship. I’m not sure that is always the case anymore.”

Dear Editor

It’s autumn again, when the night air becomes chilly, the pumpkin patches sprout up in empty lots, and letters about bad sportsmanship clog the in-boxes of local papers like leaves in gutters.