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No good deed…

On July 9, Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter smacked a home run to become the 28th player in baseball history to reach 3,000 hits, and Christian Lopez became the second person to become famous for catching a 3,000th-hit home run.

The ultimate game?

In April, more than 12,000 student athletes on more than 700 college teams from across North America entered the USA Ultimate College Championship Series. The top twenty teams met in Boulder, Colorado, last weekend to compete for the National Championship.


A record 27.3 million people watched the BCS National Championship football game on January 10. If that’s its only measure of success, the NCAA can consider this a banner year. But if you measure other things, like fairness, you have to wonder if the institution is failing.

Pay for Play?

This summer the NCAA has continued to crack down on schools that violate the strict rules protecting the “amateur” status of its athletes. The Committee on Infractions is investigating improper contact between agents and athletes from UNC Chapel Hill, Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina. In June the Committee hit USC with severe sanctions for running back Reggie Bush’s acceptance of money and gifts from agents.

Principle Nine: College Program on the Brink

Principle Nine of the Arizona Sports Summit Accord states that “School boards, superintendents, principals, school administrators, and everyone involved in sports program governance must maintain ultimate responsibility for the quality and integrity of those programs.” So what’s happening at the University of Oregon?