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The greyhound principle

A good company cares about its people. The path to career success shouldn’t be littered with the ruins of failed marriages and neglected children. Read more in our What Will Matter blog »
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Michael Josephson's What Will Matter blog

State title forfeited over fan behavior

Cheering for unforced errors and double-faults is not what tennis fans do. Apparently the crowd at a recent high school tennis match in New Hampshire didn’t get that memo.
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Michael Josephson

Core principles of exemplary policing

Institute President Michael Josephson presented this document to police chiefs at a recent seminar. California POST sponsored the event.
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2012 Report Card on the Ethics of American Youth

Report shows drop in lying, cheating, stealing among American teens

Our survey of over 20,000 high school students reveals less unethical conduct for first time in a decade. Read more »
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Quotations on ethics and character

Say what? Browse our Quotations Bank for wise words on right and wrong

Searching for the best bon mots about ethics and character? We've compiled them here.
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