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Puerto Rican schools are embracing the Six Pillars

Tus Valores Cuentan(Read about this in Spanish.)
Hundreds of schools across the island are using Tus Valores Cuentan to improve school climate and help students develop ethical values. Like CHARACTER COUNTS! programs around the U.S., Tus Valores Cuentan is based on the Six Pillars of Character (los seis pilares del carácter) and helps teachers integrate values into everyday lessons and activities.

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“I’ve seen hundreds of highly successful CHARACTER COUNTS! programs throughout the U.S.,” says Josephson Institute President Michael Josephson, “but the transformation occurring in Puerto Rico schools is extraordinary. At every school I visited, students, teachers, and parents reported a kinder, more respectful school climate. Fighting has gone down, learning has gone up, and students have accepted responsibility to keep their schools clean and graffiti-free.” (Read complete commentary.)

Over 1,000 educators have graduated from Tus Valores Cuentan training seminars designed by Josephson Institute. Faculty and staff at public child care centers also have received training.

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The variety of images in this slideshow reveals the widespread and enthusiastic support of Puerto Rico’s Tus Valores Cuentan program.

Students and the adults who work with them speak about the Tus Valores Cuentan program in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rican First Lady Lucé Vela and three students discuss (in Spanish) the Tus Valores Cuentan program in a television interview.

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