About Josephson Institute

Mission: To improve the ethical quality of society by changing personal and organizational decision making and behavior.

Josephson Institute develops and delivers services and materials to increase ethical commitment, competence, and practice in all segments of society. A nonpartisan and nonsectarian 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, the Institute is funded by individual donations, foundation and corporate grants, fees and contributions for services, and sales of educational resources. The Institute also works collaboratively with influential organizations and individuals in a variety of fields.

Since 1987, when Michael Josephson founded it in honor of his parents, Josephson Institute has conducted programs for over 100,000 influential leaders including public officials, school administrators, military and police officers, journalists, senior corporate and nonprofit executives, and judges and lawyers. It continues to offer a variety of consulting services and training courses in business ethics, public administration, policing, character education, and sportsmanship.

Senior Management Team: