Logrando la Victoria con Honor: Sportsmanship

Josephson Institute’s athletics initiative in Puerto Rico

Tus Valores Cuentan Logrando la Victoria con Honor (LVH) is a special dimension of the Tus Valores Cuentan program that focuses on sports. Based on Josephson Institute’s Pursuing Victory With Honor initiative, LVH emphasizes good sportsmanship and helps young people develop good character though athletics.

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The Department of Recreation and Sports, which governs almost all amateur sports activities in Puerto Rico, began in April 2010 by selecting 42 coaches and others with extensive sports backgrounds to participate in a special LVH training course. From this elite group, the Secretary of the Department of Recreation and Sports and a management team from the Josephson Institute selected 16 LVH Master Trainers. These leaders are training coaches, referees, administrators, and athletes’ parents to help them build the LVH program throughout Puerto Rico.

By June 2011 we will have reached 2,400 coaches, sports administrators, and officials, along with over 4,000 parents, through trainings and assemblies. We also trained 100 elite athletes and 30 of their coaches before they participated in the Central American Games.

The colorful LVH banners and posters that decorate playing fields and stadiums across the island remind athletes, coaches, and fans of the importance of demonstrating good sportsmanship and living by the seis pilares del carácter.


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