The High Road to the Bottom Line: Why Better Is Better

Move your company from a compliance-based approach to values-based ethics.

Most people believe the decisions they make are ethical and good for your business. What
happens when they’re not? We show you how to build your business with values-based ethics
that do far more for your company than a compliance-based approach ever could. We show you
how to develop more responsible, trustworthy employees who are better, happier workers. Highlights include:

  • Building an ethical culture
  • Locking down your code of conduct
  • Creating a powerful values statement
  • Avoiding ethical blind spots
  • Managing risk

Michael JosephsonLuncheon with Michael Josephson
The seminar includes a special luncheon with noted ethicist, speaker,
author, consultant, and radio commentator Michael Josephson.
Mr. Josephson has delivered presentations on ethics to more than
100,000 leaders from nearly every segment of society. Have
your questions ready, as Mr. Josephson’s spontaneous style often
stimulates thought-provoking discussions.

Tuition and registration
Your $495 tuition covers enrollment, all course materials, and the special luncheon. Hotel accommodations are usually available at a reduced rate.
To find out about upcoming seminars, please call 800-711-2670 or e-mail us.

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