Team Building Exercises to Build Trust Among Employees

by Josephson Institute on July 16, 2014

Guest post by Monica Gomez

Over 250 years ago, English theologian and poet Isaac Watts said, “Learning to trust is one of life’s most difficult tasks.”

And he  may be especially true in the competitive environment of the workplace, where jockeying for position and battling over turf are often widespread.

Suspicion and mutual mistrust at work sap creativity and productivity. On the other hand, according to human resource experts TTG Consultants, companies that actively foster cooperation and an esprit de corps among employees provide motivation and inspiration that results in a better business all around.

But how does a company go about cultivating a positive and trusting atmosphere?

Of course, teaching by example is key: Top managers must consistently demonstrate that they are worthy of others’ trust. And they must take every opportunity to show trust and confidence in those who report to them.

Many companies also use team-building exercises to help employees get to know – and trust – each other. [click to continue…]


How to Generate Trust Through “Good Growth”

June 9, 2014 Business Ethics

Guest post by Dennis Nally Lack of trust in business is still a major concern for CEOs. Indeed, half of the respondents to PwC’s 17th Annual Global CEO Survey, published in January 2014, identified this lack of trust as a threat to their growth prospects. This number is up sharply from the 37 percent who cited […]

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VIDEO: Michael Josephson on Creating an Effective Compliance Program

April 9, 2014 Beyond Compliance

On March 31 in San Diego, California, Michael Josephson addressed attendees of the Health Care Compliance Association’s 18th Annual Compliance Institute. The title of his speech: “Compliance Plus: Creating an Effective Compliance Program Using an Ethics Framework.” Click on this video to play the entire presentation:

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Thumbnail image for The Greyhound Principle: Ethical and Practical Aspects of Stretch Goals in Business

The Greyhound Principle: Ethical and Practical Aspects of Stretch Goals in Business

March 12, 2014 Business Ethics

A common management strategy to spur achievement is to set aggressive performance objectives that, like the mechanical rabbits that pace racing greyhounds, push employees to maximum effort. Using “stretch goals” can be successful, but unreasonably high performance goals often spawn dishonesty and irresponsibility. Believing that “it’s a matter of survival,” a disturbing number of employees conclude […]

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Nine Rules for Making Good Decisions

February 3, 2014 Decision Making

Josephson Institute’s Making Ethical Decisions booklet presents a decision-making model and examines what leads to good choices (and what steers us off course). Here is a list of rules that will help you keep your moral compass calibrated. These are not taken directly from Making Ethical Decisions, but they draw on many of its themes. […]

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Responsibilities in the Employer-Employee Relationship

January 15, 2014 Leadership

By Michael Josephson The employer-employee relationship should not be looked at simply in economic terms. It is a significant human relationship of mutual dependency that has great impact on the people involved and both the employer and the employee have moral obligations arising from this relationship.

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QUOTE: The money you have can give you freedom, but the money you pursue enslaves you. – Rousseau

January 10, 2014 Quotes, Observations

Disdain for money is a common theme among moralists and philosophers. But money’s not the problem. It’s what people do to get it and what they do with it when they get it. The Biblical warning that “love of money is the root of all evil” reminds us to be aware of the difference between need and […]

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QUOTE: Every sale has five basic obstacles: no need, no money, no hurry, no desire, no trust. — Zig Ziglar

January 10, 2014 Integrity
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Ten Benefits of Having an Ethics Code

December 30, 2013 Ethics Codes

“The single measure that would most improve corporate governance is the establishment by senior management of an ethical business culture.” – 2003 survey of corporate directors and general counsel The point of a corporate ethics code is to promote ethical behavior – not to enhance productivity, profits or public relations.  Still, a sound, well-administered code can benefit […]

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Can Corporate Ethics Programs Do Any Good?

December 27, 2013 Ethics Codes

Lots of companies are focusing serious attention on the issues of ethics and values – and lots of people think that’s a waste of time. The skeptics argue that you can’t teach ethics to adults. By the time they’re in the workplace, they’re either ethical or not. It’s a plausible argument, but it misses the […]

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Life Insight: Learn to enjoy every minute of your life

December 23, 2013 Insights

Be happy now. Don’t wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future. Think how really precious is the time you have to spend, whether it’s at work or with your family. Every minute should be enjoyed and savored. – Earl Nightingale

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MANAGEMENT INSIGHT: Negative management tactics undermine not only the credibility of and loyalty to the negative manager, they also undermines the credibility of and loyalty to the organization. They destroy morale.

December 19, 2013 Uncategorized

Are Tough Tactics Effective Management?  Some managers intentionally use negative tactics (e.g., inducing fear, berating, constant criticism creating competition among team members) because they think it’s an effective way to get people to do what they’re told. The truth is it works sometimes on some people but it has long term negative impact.

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LEADERSHIP INSIGHT: We now accept the fact that learning is a lifelong process of keeping abreast of change. And the most pressing task is to teach people how to learn. Peter Drucker 12/18/13

December 18, 2013 Insights
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LEADERSHIP INSIGHT: Leadership by Inspiration by Michael Josephson

December 16, 2013 Insights

Why are negative management practices so prevalent? They include yelling, cursing, insults (sometimes masked in sarcasm or masquerading as jokes), criticizing subordinates in front of others, threatening demotion or termination, and talking to adults as if they were children. Why are so many managers oblivious to the demoralizing effect of focusing on weaknesses and shortcomings without properly […]

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LEADERSHIP INSIGHT: “Start with the end in Mind.” – Steven Covey

December 15, 2013 Insights
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QUOTATION: Today, businesses need more than better practices; they need better principles. Bureaucracy and control have had their day. It’s time for a new ideology based on freedom and self-determination.- Gary Hamel

December 14, 2013 Uncategorized
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WHAT IS ETHICS? When people are affected, when interests collide and choices must be made between values, ethical considerations are at stake. – Report of the Business Round Table

December 2, 2013 Beyond Compliance

There really is no such thing as business ethics. There is just ethics applied by people in business to situations that arise in business. That does not mean, however, that  ethics is not important in business nor that executives do not need to learn how to engage in principled reasoning based on core ethical values. […]

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QUOTATION & POSTER: It’s easy to find people who understand costs. The challenge is to find people who understand values. Michael Josephson

December 2, 2013 Uncategorized
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Management Insight: Rules for the Boss by Michael Josephson– Rule 5: No matter how many good things you do, you will be judged by your last worst act.

November 26, 2013 Uncategorized

Most of us judge ourselves by our best intentions, most successful projects and most noble acts, but we are usually judged by our last worst act. This is particularly true for bosses and their subordinates.

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Two Exceptional Insights

November 26, 2013 Uncategorized

1) The art of acceptance is the art of making someone who has just done you a small favor wish that he might have done you a greater one. Russell Lynes. 2) People won’t remember everything you say or do but they always remember how you made them feel.- Maya Angelou

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